I know that talking about sex(uality), dating, intimacy, and relationships is a no easy feat. It can feel vulnerable, awkward, and sometimes embarrassing. As your sex & relationships coach, I am here to provide a safe space for you to chat about any pressing issues in that realm that may be on your mind. Coaching comes with fully focused sessions, personalized session recaps with homework included, and zero judgments whatsoever. Sex is important. Relationships are important. And you are important.

Pro-Kink/BDSM. Pro-LGBTQ+.

Pro-Intersectionality. Pro-HUMAN.
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Comprehensive. Medically accurate. Inclusive.

More often than not, most of us grew up without the sex education that we deserved. We were taught to believe many aspects of sex are “bad” and many of us were taught using fear-based tactics. As a result, we fall into pits of repression, guilt, shame, and unfulfilled bedroom lives.

As an EDSE-certified sex educator, I will teach those “tough to teach” topics for you and/or help you build custom curriculum that suits your needs.
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“WTF is Intimacy Coordinating?”

Just like stunt coordinators help coordinate stunts in film & television, intimacy coordinators help choreograph intimate scenes that involve nudity and/or simulated sex acts. First and foremost, we are actor advocates who promote consent and boundaries to ensure safety on film sets.

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IX (Intersectional) Intimacy

Are you worried about authenticity, safety, and proper education for your next project? Or perhaps you need someone who can cover the bases on the “tough” topics?

My specialties include sex(uality) on and off the screen, kink/BDSM, and ethical nonmonogamy.
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