What is SEX?!

sex what is sex Dec 09, 2022
index finger in hand gesture indicating sex

Easy. Penis in vagina, right?


A penis in a vagina is one form of sex that people engage in. It, by all means, is NOT the only definition of sex. Sex means different things to different people and you have a right to write your own sexy definition(s) of it. As you explore your body and/or others, your definition(s) may change and hell yeah is that perfectly okay. You are the Captain of your own sexy ship! You are Captain McSexyPants. Or Captain McSexyNOPants ;)

Deep kissing. Tender hugs. Firm hugs. Dry humping. Tribadism. Licking. Dirty talk. Sensual whispers. Watching porn. Masturbating. Handjobs. Strap-on play. Toys. Fingering. Oral sex. Vaginal sex. Anal sex.

Don’t know your definition yet? Explore yourself! Ask yourself what feels sexual to you. Give yourself some well-deserved private time to get to know your beautiful body. Pay attention to what body parts feel good when you touch them. Pressure. Speed. Intensity. Pay attention to where your thoughts go. Fantasies. Sights. Sounds. Smells.

Whatever floats your boat.

Whatever toots your flute.

Whatever verbs your noun.

The more you get acquainted with your own definition of sex, the easier it will be to communicate your wants and needs with anyone you consent to sharing your sex with.

Drop a comment below. What does SEX mean to YOU??

Stay sexy

Stay squatty

Because the best things in life make you sweaty.



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